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All airports with turbojet traffic should own or have access to a CFME. Skiddometer BV11 is the most reliable and accurate system for determining runway surface friction values.

The Skiddometer CFME system is designed for easy towing with any vehicle. It incorporates features and improvements gained from more than thirty years of experience. The product’s proven lifecycle cost is the lowest in the market. Only a few of the Skiddometer’s parts are exposed to wear, so maintenance and calibration are only needed once a year. The trailer is designed to last for decades and all models can be updated with current parts and the latest computer system.

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What you get:


1. Unbeatable Technology
• Reliability in all weather conditions: no batteries required, no complicated and failure sensitive hydraulic or pneumatic systems
• Simple, robust and practical design with measuring and reference wheels in line: redirecting reference wheel’s power to measuring wheel provides reduced drag and better stability
• The easiest calibration check on the market, confirmed with one button operation
• Accurate data validation
• Unique self zero adjustment


2. Improved Safety
• Determine friction values, so corrective action can be taken
• Fast, continuous, accurate and reliable friction measurements for the entire length of the runway


3. Low Life Cycle Cost
• Aircraft can take more payload when friction is at a certain level (landing and take-off)
• Precise information for scheduling maintenance such as snow and ice removal etc.
• Precise information on need to remove built-up rubber
• Constant detailed information on the condition of the runway surface.

The Skiddometer BV11 Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment (CFME) is approved and recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Similar systems on the market are still comparison tested with the Skiddometer, originally launched in 1968. Moventor is assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

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